Overview of The CyberExplorations/DARDICKVMS “LAB-IN-A-BOX” System


The DARDICKVMS interface is designed to be maintained by teachers or lab assistants to provision the Virtual Systems within a classroom, laboratory or seminar environment. Users of the Virtual Systems can be in class or online. They are typically within secondary and higher education institutions as well as professionals in hands-on seminars and workshops.


The laboratory provides each user a Virtual System containing multiple Windows and/or Linux Virtual Machines (VMs) behind an individual firewall IDS/IPS VM as part of the Virtual System. The laboratory can consist of up to 250 multiple Virtual Systems which are individually accessed by users utilizing the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The one-time investment costs per Virtual System are approximately $150.


The Virtual Machines (VMs) within the Virtual Systems were developed for the teaching and research of Cybersecurity, Cyber Forensics and other STEM areas. However, we have discovered many other ways the technology can be utilized. One of the more useful aspects of our VM’s is their revival ability. There are virtually no risks to using the VM’s, and if compromised, can be reset in a flash!


CyberExplorations will also integrate the CyberExplorations Learning Modules into the DARDICKVMS. The DARDICKVMS is a self-contained technology classroom/laboratory that can be accessed by a multitude of devices. Access can be provided via the Internet, locally within a physical lab and/or via WiFi.

our Content (coming Soon)

CyberExplorations will provide the CyberExplorations Learning Module Website containing lessons on Computer Basics, Network Fundamentals, Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics. The content will be collected from experts within the academic field as well as practitioners.

(CyberExplorations LEARNING MODULES)

The content for CyberExplorations consists of learning modules, referred to as exercises, and challenges.

Exercise modules will be made available publicly through the CyberExplorations Learning Modules Website as well as through the CyberExplorations DARDICKVM System.

A preview of the structure of the Learning Modules System is at the CyberExplorations Learning Modules Website.